May 27th, 2016- The Day We Got The Call

A little bit of a backstory before we get into the year of Glory. Sean and I have been married for just about 13 years. We had planned to start our family right away but life had other plans for us. After about 6 years of “trying”, we decided to find an adoption agency. Once we started, it took us 5 years to be placed with a baby. We ended up with a bad agency, at first. Once we got into our second agency (Adoptions From The Heart) things moved along pretty quickly. More on all that, in the future.

So, onto the day we got the call..

Every year, for Sean’s birthday, I get him tickets and plan a trip, to see the Red Sox play, away games. We’re trying to eventually hit all of the major league parks. We’re big fans. 🙂 Anyways, this particular trip was to Toronto. Great city, by the way. When we landed and we were waiting for the train, I told Sean that when we got back, we needed to talk about where we were in the adoption process and that maybe it was time to look into other options for our life. Things had so tough over the past 5 years, that I was really close to giving up. I felt like we were getting nowhere and that we were just spending a large amount of money in the adoption process and it didn’t feel like an adoption actually was going to come out of it. About 2 hours later, we were sitting at a bar called Jack Asters and my phone rings. It was a number that we didn’t recognize however, it said that it was possibly our social worker. We were in a program that also had emergency placements so all I could think was that we were going to be getting right back on a plane and heading back to the states. I had Sean answer because I was nervous– aaaand I was already 2 tall boys in. (Hey, it was vacation and we were going to a ballgame. LOL) Hearing one side of a very important conversation is quite odd. I knew, at least, that it wasn’t bad news because of the look on Seans face. So, he finally starts telling me what she’s telling him– “a birth mother picked us” (instant tears), “she lives in Pennsylvania”, “she’s due in late august” ,”baby girl!” ,”don’t tell anyone until after you meet her in case it doesn’t go well” (I called my parents immediately- I’m such a rebel). We had a million thank you’s for the amazing news and hung up with her. We wanted to shout it from every corner of the earth. It had been 12 years of wanting a baby and it was finally happening. I called my mom and my dad and told them not to tell anyone- except, of course, my step parents. 🙂 Sean and I took a picture and posted it on the book of face with a caption reading, “ask me about this someday..”  We were so excited! We went to the game (red sox lost 7-5, if anyone is interested) and talked about who we wanted to tell. The truth is, our social worker was right. If there was what they call a disruption and we didn’t get the baby, we’d have to tell all those people and it would be incredibly painful. (Unfortunately, that had happened to us before) We came up with a very small list. When we got back to the place we were staying, we opened a bottle of champagne and called/facetimed with Sean’s 2 sisters and my best friend.. and shared the awesome news. So many happy tears! Ok.. so, now we had 3 months to get ready.. buy baby things, tell our family and friends, meet the birth mother (for her privacy, I will be calling her A throughout my posts), and to figure out a plan for staying in Pennsylvania after the baby was born. With all of the legal things that need to happen.. when it comes to out of state adoptions, it was possible that it would take up to 2 weeks before we would be able to leave Pennsylvania and go home to Connecticut. There were so many thoughts going through my mind. 3 months felt like such a small amount of time to get ready. Little did we know, our baby girl would be making her grand entrance much sooner than that..

The picture we posted when we found out 🙂