June 1, 2016- 5 days after the call

As you might imagine, we were on cloud 9 for the rest of our trip. It may have even been the best trip ever! LOL. I suppose we talked about what all excited expecting parents talk about- how amazing our child will be, how she’ll change the world, what life will be like when she comes, the first time she needs an emergency hospital visit, the first time she needs a non emergency hospital visit, the things she will change in our world, and all the amazing and scary things that having a child brings into your head. The person I was most excited to tell was my twin brother, Jeffrey. I knew that I wanted to do something fun to share the news with him. He (and his now wife) were the last people we were going to tell until we met A and maybe even until the baby was born and papers were signed. I bought a nice Red Sox hat and wrote a note on the inside of the brim. Then we invited them out to dinner. I was going to wait until we sat down dinner to give him the hat but it was really busy and I just couldn’t wait. LOL. I was bursting at the seams to tell him our awesome news. So when we were waiting in the bar for a table to be ready I gave it to him. He didn’t really quite get it at first. He had to read it a couple times. And we had to talk him though it a little. LOL. He thought the uncle Jeffrey was referring to something else. You could see the wheels turning and the expression on his face slowly changed as he started to realize what it meant. His many tears (he loves to cry) and the look of surprise and excitement and joy on his face is something that I will never forget. Being able to share the happiest news of my life with my best bud was such an indescribable feeling. We hadn’t picked a name yet. We had a short list of names we liked but we had 3 months (or so we thought) to pick one which is why it is signed, baby girl Curtin. That was such a fun night!
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