June 12, 2016- Camp Hill, Here We Come

We woke up in the morning and each got into our own cars to head down to Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. I had never even heard of this town but it was about to become our new home, for a while. We didn’t know for how long but it didn’t matter. Making it work was the name of the game. Whatever it took for our little champ to be ready. Sean left earlier than I did so he could stop at work and get a few things done before heading down. I remember realizing that there were so many people I wanted to tell about being picked by birth mother but hadn’t told yet. (We were waiting until we actually met A. We had an appointment to meet her on June 14th. Gloria was born before we even spoke to her birth mother.) And now we were going to tell these people that our daughter was already here. We had fun plans to tell certain people… Instead I was calling to cancel our lunch/dinner plans and “oh, by the way.. We have a daughter” The drive felt like a blink of an eye. I had an ear piece in and voice recognition so I called a few people on my way to share the news. I remember calling my friend Miranda to tell her. She and her family were the ones we had plans with. So, it started as a, “hey,  we can’t make it today.. but I have a really good reason!” type of conversation. LOL. We talked for hours! It was really wonderful! And it was so helpful! (Thanks, Miranda!) Sean and I got a hotel room across the way from the hospital where Gloria was at. We could see it from our window. We couldn’t go there yet because we needed the right legal papers and a social worker from the agency with us. The plan was that we would go in the morning (Monday) to meet with whoever we needed to meet with and sign whatever papers that we needed to sign and finally see our daughter. I remember feeling stir crazy and just staring out the window at the hospital. It was insane to think that our daughter was in there and we couldn’t go see her. We decided the best thing to do would be to get out of the hotel for a bit. We walked to the sports bar, Arooga’s  (awesome wings, by the way) at the other side of the parking lot and watched the Red Sox game. And of course chatted the bar tenders ear off about why we were there. LOL. We ended up spending a lot of time there. Everyone knew us and all about Gloria by the time we left, in August. They treated us like family and it was really great to get to know people there, while we were so far from our support system, back home. 😊🙂 Pictured- our view of the hospital from our hotel room.